International Centre for Higher Education Innovation
under the auspices of UNESCO

Mission & Functions


Relying on the advantages of Shenzhen’s information and communication technology (ICT) sector and drawing upon China’s experience with the massification of its higher education, ICHEI aims to meet the local demand for quality higher education resources and to support Asian and African countries to improve the quality of higher education and promote educational equity. With the above aims, ICHEI has been carrying out higher education cooperative projects with countries along the Maritime Silk Road. Through various forms of knowledge sharing and capacity building, ICHEI exports Shenzhen’s ICT products and services to the project countries to provide with them intellectual support and human resources for local industrialization and informatization. Meanwhile, ICHEI also conducts research on education in the countries along the Maritime Silk Road, aiming to become an influential educational think-tank and an international higher education platform for information sharing and communication on innovative thoughts and practices.



Knowledge Production

  1. Improve knowledge to address challenges in higher education innovation relating to quality, equity, and governance in less developed countries in the Asia-Pacific and African regions;
  2. Provide evidence based policy advice on higher education innovation to less developed countries in the Asia-Pacific and African regions.

Capacity Building

  1. Enhance capacity of policy makers, institutional leaders, and administrators to improve performance of public higher education institutions through the application of ICTs for innovation in management and improved gender equality;
  2. Enhance capacity of faculty in the application of ICTs to improve teaching and learning processes, especially for girls and disadvantaged sections of society;
  3. Enhance capacity of public higher education institutions and systems to promote the application of ICTs in higher education innovation through South-South and North-South cooperation.

Technical Support

  1. Improve quality of policy as well as professional and technical advice for developing countries, increase opportunities for research collaboration and student and faculty exchange;
  2. Enhance partnerships with ICT enterprises.

Information Sharing

  1. To serve as a platform for sharing successful higher education innovation experiences through the use of our website as well as regular reports and newsletters;
  2. Disseminate high quality publications of exemplary practices in higher education innovation.