International Centre for Higher Education Innovation
under the auspices of UNESCO

Introduction of ICHEI


Located in Shenzhen, China, UNESCO-ICHEI was approved on November 13, 2015 by the 38th General Conference of UNESCO. It is the tenth Education Sector UNESCO Category 2 centre in the world and also the first Category 2 centre for higher education in China.


  • Year 2019
    • MarchICHEI and UNESCO Deepening Higher Education Cooperation
    •  UNESCO Assistant Director-General and ICHEI Discussed Global Higher Education Cooperation
    •  ICHEI Participated in the 2019 Mobile Learning Week with HUAWEI and Weidong Cloud Education Group
    • JanuaryICHEI Grants Createview “Outstanding Contribution Award”
  • Year 2018
    • DecemberICHEI Visited Sri Lanka and UAE, pledged Further Partnership
    •  ICHEI and SUSTech Attended 2018 Yidan Prize Summit
    •  Jagiellonian University Delegation visited ICHEI
    • NovemberICHEI Visited South Africa and the Gambia
    •  ICHEI attended ‘Launching of the Component 3 of the UNESCO-Shenzhen FIT Project
    •  ICHEI Visited China International Development Cooperation Agency
    • OctoberSecretary-General of National Commission of the PRC for UNESCO QIN Changwei visited ICHEI
    •  UNESCO Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education (UNESCO Bangkok) visited ICHEI
    •  Former ADG for Education of UNESCO TANG Qian Visited ICHEI
    •  The Delegation of UNESCO Headquarters visited ICHEI
    •  ICHEI Held the 2nd International Advisory Committee Meeting
    •  ICHEI successfully Held the Third Session of the Governing Board Meeting of ICHEI
    •  ICHEI Attended Huawei PAB Meeting & HUAWEI CONNECT 2018
    • SeptemberICHEI Visited Poland and Hungary to Strengthen Educational Cooperation
    •  ICHEI and Inco Electronic Signed Cooperation Agreement
    • JulyICHEI successfully held “2018 Seminar on Management Informatization of Higher Education Institutions for Chad”
    • June – JulyICHEI successfully held “Seminar on ICT Application in Higher Education for Asian and European Countries 2018” and the “Seminar on ICT Application in Higher Education for African Countries 2018” in Shenzhen
    • June2018 ICHEI Successfully Held the Asia-Pacific Regional Seminar on MOOCs for Higher Education
    • MayICHEI and SUSTech Attended 5th Meeting of China-CEEC Higher Education Institutions Consortium
    •  ICHEI Delegation went on an academic tour to Indonesia and Myanmar, visited local authorities on higher education and universities
    •  ICHEI Awarded “Outstanding Contribution Award” to Weidong Cloud Education Group
    •  ICHEI and CEEEC Signed MOU on Cooperation
    •  ICHEI Participated in the 3rd Forum on China-Africa Local Government Cooperation
    • AprilSUSTech & ICHEI Attended Asia-Pacific GCED Network Meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia
    •  SUSTech and UNESCO-ICHEI Attended Pan-African High Level Conference on Education, visited United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and University of Nairobi in Nairobi, Kenya
    •  ICHEI Attended Ministerial Forum “Global Dialogue on ICT and Education Innovation” in Moscow
    • MarchRepresentatives of ICHEI report work outcome to the Department of African Affairs and the Department of Asian Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC
    • FebruaryUNESCO-ICHEI participated in the Fifth Meeting of UNESCO Education Category II Centres, held in Cairo, Egypt
    •  ICHEI Attended Chinese UNESCO Category 2 Centres 2018 Annual Meeting
    • JanuaryRepresentatives of ICHEI report work outcome to Ministry of Education of PRC
    •  Delegates from China Education Association for International Exchange Visited ICHEI
  • Year 2017
    • DecemberICHEI Participated in 2017 Transforming Education Conference for Humanity Held in India
    •  UNESCO-ICHEI Director LI Ming Attended the First Yidan Prize Summit held in HongKong
    •  UNESCO-ICHEI Attended 4th GAML Meeting in Spain
    • NovemberICHEI successfully Held the Second Session of the Governing Board Meeting of ICHEI
    •  UNESCO-ICHEI Set Out to Finalize Details of Smart Classroom Project with Partner Universities in Egypt, Ethiopia and Djibouti
    •  UNESCO-ICHEI delegation visited Cameroon, Uganda and Namibia
    •  ICHEI Set Out to Finalize Details of Smart Classroom Project with Partner Universities in Cambodia, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka
    •  UNESCO-ICHEI and SUSTech expert delegation visit Ain Shams University
    •  UNESCO-ICHEI and Guang Zhou CreateView Optoelectronics Technology signed strategic cooperation framework agreement
    • SeptemberICHEI reported work outcomes to Mayor of Shenzhen CHEN Rugui
    •  ICHEI visited the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC and report Seminar outcomes to relevant authorities
    •  ICHEI attended the UNESCO High Level Forum on Higher Education in Paris
    • AugustICHEI assisted in holding the 2017 Seminar on ICT in Higher Education Innovation for African and Asian Countries
    • JuneICHEI Held the 1st International Advisory Committee Meeting
    •  UNESCO-ICHEI hosts Regional Conference on Quality Assurance of Higher Education in Asia-Pacific
    • MayDeputy Director of UNESCO-ICHEI attended Conference on Higher Education in Eastern Africa
    •  Deputy Director of UNESCO-ICHEI visited Ain Shams University
    • AprilUNESCO-ICHEI Delegation visted Pakistan to open a new chapter of South-South cooperation, and to provide consultation for Pakistan government in terms of establishing UNESCO Category 2 Institute
    • MarchICHEI and Weidong Cloud Education Group signed an MOU
    •  Former Assistant Director-General for Strategic Planning of UNESCO visited ICHEI
    •  Memorandum of Understanding Signed between ICHEI and Cambodia Development Resource Institute
    •  ICHEI Delegation visited Ethiopia, Djibouti and Egypt
    •  Delegate from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore Visited ICHEI
    • JanuaryICHEI successfully held the Capacity Building Workshop on African Higher Education
  • Year 2016
    • DecemberICHEI visited Pakistan, assisted in holding UNESCO Category 2 Centres
    • NovemberDirect -General of UNESCO Irina Bokova visited ICHEI
    •  ICHEI successfully Held the First Session of the Governing Board Meeting of ICHEI
    • OctoberICHEI visited Philippines, Indonesia and Pakistan
    • SeptemberICHEI held the first “Seminar on ICT in Higher Education: Capacity Building of HEIs”
    • JuneThe Lauching of ICHEI was held in SHENZHEN.
    • JanuaryICHEI attended the Working Conference on UNESCO Funds-in-Trust.
  • Year 2015
    • DecemberTang Qian, the Assistant Director-General for Education of UNESCO and Du Yue, the Secretary-General of Chinese National Commission for UNESCO visited ICHEI.
    •  ICHEI attended the 30th Plenary Session of the Chinese National Commission for UNESCO.
    •  ICHEI visited the UNESCO office in Bangkok.
    • NovemberThe ICHEI International Experts Consultation Meeting was held in Shenzhen.
    •  The establishment of International Centre of Higher Education Innovation under the auspices of UNESCO(ICHEI) in Shenzhen, China was approved by the Thirty-eighth General Conference of UNESCO.
    • OctoberThe project of ICHEI (Shenzhen, China), listed as Item 3, Agenda 16, was approved after the deliberation of UNESCO Executive Board.
    •  The Project Team attended the 197th session of UNESCO Executive Board.
    • AugustThe Project Team visited the UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education (INRULED.)
    • JulyThe Project Team attended the Dujiangyan International Forum.
    • JuneA UNESCO panel visited Shenzhen to carry out a feasibility study on the establishment of a Category II Institute.
    •  The Project Team attended the Asia-Pacific Expert Meeting on Blended Learning.
    • MayThe Funds-in-Trust Agreement was concluded in Qingdao between the Shenzhen Municipal Government and UNESCO.
    •  The International High-end Seminar on Higher Education Innovation was held in Shenzhen.
    • AprilThe Project Team visited the UNESCO Headquarters.
  • Year 2014
    • OctoberThe Project Team visited Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) under the Auspices of UNESCO.
    • AugustSUSTech organized the Leading Group and Project Team for UNESCO CategoryⅡinstitute (the Project Team).
    • JuneThe Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation was signed in Suzhou between the Shenzhen Municipal Government and UNESCO.
    • FebruaryThe consensus of establishing a UNESCO CategoryⅡ institute in Shenzhen was reached between Xu Qin, the Mayor of Shenzhen and Hao Ping, the Deputy Director-General of the Ministry of Education of China.


ICHEI shall get its financial support from two major sources:

  1. Appropriations of the Shenzhen Government that support the Centre’s annual budget based on its operational needs and the expected costs of its projects and activities in fulfilling its functions;
  2. A designated trust fund account provided by the SUSTech Education Foundation that mobilizes funds from private high-tech companies in Shenzhen and from which the annual operating income is used to support the Centre’s activities and operation.