International Centre for Higher Education Innovation
under the auspices of UNESCO

Introduction of ICHEI


UNESCO-ICHEI located in Shenzhen, China, was approved on Novemeber 13, 2015 by the 38th Genernal Conference of UNESCO. It is the tenth Education Sector UNESCO Category 2 centre in the world and aslo the first Category 2 centre for higher education in China.


  • Year 2016
    • June 8The Lauching of ICHEI was held in SHENZHEN.
    • January 8ICHEI attended the Working Conference on UNESCO Funds-in-Trust.
  • Year 2015
    • December 25-27Tang Qian, the Assistant Director-General for Education of UNESCO and Du Yue, the Secretary-General of Chinese National Commission for UNESCO visited ICHEI.
    • December 19ICHEI attended the 30th Plenary Session of the Chinese National Commission for UNESCO.
    • DecemberICHEI visited the UNESCO office in Bangkok.
    • NovemberThe ICHEI International Experts Consultation Meeting was held in Shenzhen.
    • November 13The establishment of International Centre of Higher Education Innovation under the auspices of UNESCO(ICHEI) in Shenzhen, China was approved by the Thirty-eighth General Conference of UNESCO.
    • October 15The project of ICHEI (Shenzhen, China), listed as Item 3, Agenda 16, was approved after the deliberation of UNESCO Executive Board.
    • OctoberThe Project Team attended the 197th session of UNESCO Executive Board.
    • August 19The Project Team visited the UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education (INRULED.)
    • July 31The Project Team attended the Dujiangyan International Forum.
    • June 19-23A UNESCO panel visited Shenzhen to carry out a feasibility study on the establishment of a Category II Institute.
    • June 3-5The Project Team attended the Asia-Pacific Expert Meeting on Blended Learning.
    • May 23The Funds-in-Trust Agreement was concluded in Qingdao between the Shenzhen Municipal Government and UNESCO.
    • May 2The International High-end Seminar on Higher Education Innovation was held in Shenzhen.
    • April 21The Project Team visited the UNESCO Headquarters.
  • Year 2014
    • OctoberThe Project Team visited Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) under the Auspices of UNESCO.
    • AugustSUSTech organized the Leading Group and Project Team for UNESCO CategoryⅡinstitute (the Project Team).
    • June 5The Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation was signed in Suzhou between the Shenzhen Municipal Government and UNESCO.
    • FebruaryThe consensus of establishing a UNESCO CategoryⅡ institute in Shenzhen was reached between Xu Qin, the Mayor of Shenzhen and Hao Ping, the Deputy Director-General of the Ministry of Education of China.


ICHEI shall get its financial support from two major sources:

  1. Appropriations of the Shenzhen Government that support the Centre’s annual budget based on its operational needs and the expected costs of its projects and activities in fulfilling its functions;
  2. A designated trust fund account provided by the SUSTech Education Foundation that mobilizes funds from private high-tech companies in Shenzhen and from which the annual operating income is used to support the Centre’s activities and operation.