International Centre for Higher Education Innovation
under the auspices of UNESCO

Mission & Functions


ICHEI will exploit the potentials of ICTs to support the expansion, improve quality, and promote equity in higher education in developing countries by drawing upon the strength of China’s vast higher education system and the lessons learned from the advancement of higher education innovation in the more developed nations of the Asia-Pacific region.



Knowledge Production

  1. Improve knowledge to address challenges in higher education innovation relating to quality, equity, and governance in less developed countries in the Asia-Pacific;
  2. Provide evidence based policy advice on higher education innovation to less developed countries in the Asia-Pacific.

Capacity Building

  1. Enhance capacity of policy makers, institutional leaders, and administrators to improve performance of public higher education institutions through the application of ICTs for innovation in management and improved gender equality;
  2. Enhance capacity of faculty in the application of ICTs to improve teaching and learning processes, especially for girls and disadvantaged sections of society;
  3. Enhance capacity of public higher education institutions and systems to improve collaboration in the application of ICTs in higher education innovation through North-South and South-South cooperation.

Technical Support

  1. Improve quality of policy as well as professional and technical advice for developing countries, increase opportunities for research collaboration and student and faculty exchange;
  2. Enhance partnerships with ICT enterprises.

Information Sharing

  1. Improve platforms for sharing experiences and lessons learned in higher education innovation, particularly among developing countries;
  2. Increase data quality and information of higher education innovation and informatization shared with institutions in developing countries through our website and newsletters;
  3. Disseminate high quality publications of exemplary practices in higher education innovation.