International Centre for Higher Education Innovation
under the auspices of UNESCO

UNESCO-ICHEI Attended the Chinese Educator Conference and Established a Strategic Cooperation with Phoenix Education

March 20, 2021
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The Chinese Educator Conference

On March 19, 2021, the Chinese Educator Conference hosted by Phoenix Education and Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China was held in Beijing Phoenix Center. The Chinese Educator Conference is to recognize individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to China’s education. Professor LI Ming, director of the UNESCO International Centre for Higher Education Innovation under the auspices of UNESCO (UNESCO-ICHEI), was invited to give a keynote speech and give out an award at the conference.

Delegation of UNESCO-ICHEI
Keynote Speech by Director LI Ming

At the Conference, Director Li talked about the inequality problems faced by global education due to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 and emphasized the importance of online teaching for achieving equity and excellence in higher education in developing countries. In face of the pandemic, UNESCO-ICHEI has promoted digital transformation of higher education institutions in Asia and Africa through cooperation with local flagship universities and strengthened the faculty’s ability to carry out online teaching. In response to the goal of “Build Back Better” to a more inclusive and resilient education system in the post-pandemic era, Director Li proposed the following four suggestions:
1. Focus on online teaching to pursue equity and excellence in higher education;
2. Pay attention to the capacity-building of higher education educators to promote the digital transformation of higher education institutions;
3. Establish a multilateral cooperation mechanism to drive the sharing of public welfare resources;
4. Formulate customized policies and guidelines to ensure the quality of online teaching.

Group Photo

Meanwhile, UNESCO-ICHEI met with Phoenix Education to consolidate and deepen cooperation between the two organizations and signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement. The two organizations will form strategic cooperation in the fields of media promotion and international influence. Through the effective use of their respective professional and technical advantages in areas such as higher education innovation, digital media training and business development, UNESCO-ICHEI and Phoenix Education will make better use of information and communications technology (ICT) to promote the digital transformation of higher education in developing countries, and make efforts and contributions to approach the Sustainable Development Goal 4.

LI Ming and CUI Qiang

In December 2020, UNESCO-ICHEI visited Phoenix Education for the first time. Through an in-depth meeting, the two organizations laid down the foundation for further cooperation. At this conference, both organizations will more actively promote joint contributions and shared benefits of experience and deepen cooperation with developing countries around the world, so as to expand opportunities for lifelong learning and equity and excellence in higher education. In the future, the UNESCO-ICHEI will also work together with Phoenix Education to continue to help global partners build capabilities in online teaching, quality assurance of distance education, and education development planning in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Founded in 2008, Phoenix Education, a division of Phoenix Satellite Television, specializes in the education business. It aims to cultivate all-media elites, high-end technology, and talent management. Starting from vocational education, Phoenix Education is actively promoting communication, integration and development of China’s media industry and its global counterparts. With the goal of becoming an “internationalized, professional, and high-end products provider for professional education “, Phoenix Education will introduce international advanced educational resources and combine local context to actively expand and develop curriculum systems that meet the world’s advanced level. At present, Phoenix Education has made developments and breakthroughs in the fields of international education exchanges and cooperation and digital media-education integration