International Centre for Higher Education Innovation
under the auspices of UNESCO

Inscription Stone of ICHEI unveiled

December 25, 2020
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On December 22, 2020, the International Centre for Higher Education Innovation under the auspices of UNESCO (UNESCO-ICHEI) successfully held the Inscription Stone Unveiling Ceremony and “Our Journey with SUSTech—UNESCO-ICHEI 2015-2020” exhibition at the Convention Center of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). Present at the ceremony were Ms. GUO Yurong, Chairperson of University Council of SUSTech, Prof. XUE Qikun, President of SUSTech and Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. LI Ming, Former Chairperson of University Council of SUSTech and Director of UNESCO-ICHEI, Prof. LI Fengliang, Vice Chairperson of University Council of SUSTech, Prof. LU Chun, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of SUSTech, Deputy Director of UNESCO-ICHEI, professors and heads from departments of SUSTech and representatives from partner enterprises of UNESCO-ICHEI. The ceremony was hosted by Prof. HAN Wei, Executive Deputy Director of UNESCO-ICHEI.

The Inscription Stone is located in front of the SUSTech Convention Center

Prof. HAN Wei firstly introduced the guests attending the ceremony and on behalf of UNESCO-ICHEI, she extended a warm welcome to all and announced the opening of the ceremony.

Leaders from SUSTech and UNESCO-ICHEI unveiling the Inscription Stone

(From left to right: HAN Wei, ZHENG Chunmiao, CHEN Siqi, LI Fengliang, GUO Yurong, XUE Qikun, SHEN Mo, LIMing, LU Chun, CHEN Yuehong and Dr. ZHANG Ling)

In a round of applause, Ms. GUO Yurong, Prof. XUE Qikun, Prof. LI Ming, Prof. LI Fengliang, Prof. LU Chun, Prof. HAN Wei, Prof. CHEN Yuehong, Dean of School of Humanities and Social Sciences, SUSTech, Prof. ZHENG Chunmiao, Vice Provost, Global Strategies, Director of SUSTech Global, Mr. CHEN Siqi, Director of University and Party Office, Dr. ZHANG Ling, Director of Communications and Public Relations Office and Mr. SHEN Mo, the famous calligrapher took the stage and unveiled the UNESCO-ICHEI Inscription Stone.

Ms. GUO Yurong delivering a speech

In her speech, Ms. GUO Yurong congratulated UNESCO-ICHEI for moving into the new office and recognized the achievements that UNESCO-ICHEI has made over the past five years. She further acknowledged UNESCO-ICHEI’s remarkable contributions in promoting the international cooperation in higher education and hoped that UNESCO-ICHEI can secure better development under the leadership of Prof. LI Ming and hard work of all UNESCO-ICHEI colleagues.

Prof. XUE Qikun delivering a speech

Prof. XUE Qikun pointed out the inauguration of the inscription stone is the witness for UNESCO-ICHEI’ efforts in promoting Shenzhen’s globalization and serving the Belt and Road Initiative. He expressed his hope that UNESCO-ICHEI could further expand cultural and educational exchanges and facilitate China’s going global in terms of culture and education. In the end, Prof. XUE Qikun delivered his best wishes for the future development of UNESCO-ICHEI.

Prof. LI Ming delivering a speech

Prof. LI Ming expressed his sincere thanks to relevant parties including Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, SUSTech, partner universities and enterprises and all UNESCO-ICHEI colleagues for their supports and contributions. Besides, Prof. LI Ming mentioned that since its founding, UNESCO-ICHEI has secured great achievements in advancing “Africa First” and “Gender Equality” and gradually developed the concept of “wide consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits ”. Finally, he hoped that SUSTech could deepen its support for UNESCO-ICHEI through which, China’s voice could be better heard by the outside world.

Our Journey with SUSTech—UNESCO-ICHEI 2015-2020 successfully held in the lobby of SUSTech Convention Center(December 20-31, 2020)

After the ceremony, guests visited the exhibition, “Our Journey with SUSTech—UNESCO-ICHEI 2015-2020”. Relying on the academic excellence of SUSTech, UNESCO-ICHEI was co-founded by UNESCO and Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government and serves as the only UNESCO Category II center dedicated to higher education. UNESCO-ICHEI remains committed to SDG4 and the Education 2030 Framework for Action, promotes higher education digitalization through ICT application and conducts exchanges and cooperation in higher education with Asian and African countries along the marine time silk road so as to achieve inclusive and equitable quality higher education. What’s more, UNESCO-ICHEI has facilitated SUSTech in enrolling international students, increasing visibility at international conferences and establishing a global network of partner HEIs.