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The partnership between UNESCO-ICHEI and MoEYS takes a new step forwards

September 3, 2020
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In late August 2020, the UNESCO International Centre for Higher Education Innovation (Shenzhen) (hereinafter “UNESCO-ICHEI”) and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Kingdom of Cambodia (hereinafter “MoEYS”) formally signed the Memorandum of Understanding, with cooperation between the two parties in the field of higher education digital transformation reaching a higher level.

Empowering HEIs teachers with ICT to build a shared platform with digital resources

After nearly half a year of communication and preparation, the Memorandum of Understanding between UNESCO-ICHEI and MoEYS was finalized in July 2020 and signed in August by mail.

the Memorandum of Understanding

According to the Memorandum of Understanding, the two parties will carry out further cooperation in the following areas:
• Promoting digital teaching and learning transformation in Cambodian HEIs by jointly building a localized e-Learning platform;
• Exchanging information and lessons learned in the fields of mutual interests;
• Sharing the resources and networks for educational purposes;
• Organizing capacity building activities;
• Providing the consultation expert upon the projects;
• Conducting shared research assignments;
• Supporting the developing digital learning guidelines/policies;
• Conducting lectures and organizing symposia and workshops;
• Carrying out other joint projects related to higher education innovations.

Looking towards the future, UNESCO-ICHEI plans to establish the International Institute of Online Education (IIOE) partnerships with at least 10 higher education institutions in Cambodia through the network of MoEYS, and cooperate with a domestic high-tech company to build a national MOOCs platform for Cambodia ——Khmer MOOCs (KHMOOCs). HEIs teachers will enter the KHMOOCs system to participate in ICT competency training through the upcoming IIOE Pro. Not only can they master the skills of using ICT to record and upload courses, they can also use local languages, such as Khmer, to train other teachers. A national trainer pool will gradually be formed. With the support of smart classroom hardware equipment, the courses recorded by local teachers, and the existing course resources on the IIOE main platform, an environment of co-construction and sharing will be formed in Cambodia.

This Memorandum of Understanding not only brings the cooperative relationship between UNESCO-ICHEI and MoEYS to a higher level, but also marks the official launch of IIOE’s pilot trial on a national level, which will accumulate experience and provide reference for the implementation of IIOE in future project countries.

The development of IIOE has entered a new stage. The next step is for UNESCO-ICHEI to be able to launch customized IIOE implementation schemes based on the actual statuses and needs of each project country, so that more higher education institutions and more teachers can improve their ICT teaching skills, thus cultivating talents who can meet the needs of the country’s economic development.