International Centre for Higher Education Innovation
under the auspices of UNESCO

UNESCO-ICHEI and Jiker co-launch the IIOE Management Center

June 24, 2020
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On June 23, 2020, UNESCO-ICHEI (ICHEI) and Jiker officially announced to jointly establish the International Institute of Online Education (IIOE) Management Center and signed the cooperation agreement.

Signing Photo

Li Ming, Director of ICHEI, Han Wei, Executive Deputy Director of ICHEI, Yao Shanglang, founder and CTO of Jiker, and staff of IIOE Management Center and ICHEI attended the signing ceremony.

The content of cooperation between ICHEI and Jiker are mainly focusing on technical support of IIOE Platform, IIOE user operations, educational resources’ localization and technical consultation for IIOE implementation. With rich experience in conducting ICT capacitiy building and solid knowledge of technology application, Jiker will provide core technical support for the IIOE project. ICHEI will manage the quality education resource integration and promotion of the IIOE implementation based on the strong network in Asian and African countries. Both sides will provide sustainable contribution to IIOE project to assure the efficient operation of the platform, improve the quality of the content, and improve the user experience.

Li Ming, Director of ICHEI, mentioned that IIOE initiative has been successfully launched since 2nd April with joint efforts made by Jiker and ICHEI. The next stage of IIOE is coming up, and the work of IIOE Management Center is particularly important. Director Li Ming believes that IIOE will become a flagship project of online education supported by Jiker, with their good expertise to empower the IIOE Management Center.

Yao Shanglang, founder of Jiker, indicates that human resources is gradually transformed into human assets in modern society, and it needs to be maintained and invested constantly. The cooperation with ICHEI is to jointly transmit this concept more widely. The signing with ICHEI this time is more than the continuation of the original cooperation and a new starting point. It is believed that the cooperation will continue to be deepen with the joint efforts of both parties.

Group Photo

In the future, IIOE Management Center will exploit the its potential within four core functions, which are productivity of teacher’s ICT competency, Technical support of IIOE system, operation and promotion of IIOE platform, and IIOE-based Industry-university cooperations. ICHEI and Jiker will jointly promote the development of IIOE Management Center and strive to create a resource-rich and user-friendly platform for teacher’s capacity building, in order to provide better access to quality higher education for all in the context of digital transformation.

International Centre for Higher Education Innovation under the auspices of UNESCO(UNESCO-ICHEI)Located in Shenzhen, China, UNESCO-ICHEI was approved on November 13, 2015 by the 38th General Conference of UNESCO. It is the tenth Education Sector UNESCO Category 2 centre in the world and also the first Category 2 centre for higher education in China. Relying on the advantages of Shenzhen’s information and communication technology (ICT) sector and drawing upon China’s experience with the massification of its higher education, ICHEI aims to meet the local demand for quality higher education resources and to support Asian and African countries to improve the quality of higher education and promote educational equity. With the above aims, ICHEI has been carrying out higher education cooperative projects with countries along the Maritime Silk Road. Through various forms of knowledge sharing and capacity building, ICHEI exports Shenzhen’s ICT products and services to the project countries to provide with them intellectual support and human resources for local industrialization and informatization. Meanwhile, ICHEI also conducts research on education in the countries along the Maritime Silk Road, aiming to become an influential educational think-tank and an international higher education platform for information sharing and communication on innovative thoughts and practices.

Jiker, or Build the Future (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese technology company. Over the years, Jiker has been focusing on IT vocational online education, the consultation and provision of digital talents transformation and IT solutions. The online learning platform “jikexueyuan.com” was launched in 2014. And till now, we have successively cooperated with a series of international and domestic enterprises/organizations including Google, Microsoft, AWS, BAT, Alibaba, Tencent, ByteDance, JD, GM, ChinaUnionpay, Huawei, Air China, and UNESCO in technical consulting, talent development, technology promotion and other areas.
We are always committed to building a future-oriented digital talent training and development system with value as the core and AI as the core engine. Since established in 2013, Jiker has featured “new, fast and systematic” with more than 5000 courses online. In addition, we initiated the systematic content and special training content like “Knowledge System Map”, “Professional Path System” and “Special Practical Camp”. So far, there are more than 5 million users growing with Jiker, and more than 1000 enterprises/colleges working with us to cultivate talents for the future.