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Strategic Cooperation between ICHEI and Jikexueyuan

November 27, 2019
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On November 25, 2019,ICHEI and Jikexueyuan signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will cooperate on the field of online curriculum resources, curriculum development system and tools, teachers’ ICT capacity evaluation, and teacher training in IIOE project.

Two sides signed strategic cooperation agreement

Yuan Zhifeng, general manager of Jikexueyuan Shenzhen Branch, gave a overall introduction and said the cooperation coincides with the core values of “openness, innovation, focus and win-win” that Jikexueyuan always adheres to. Recent years, Jikexueyuan carried out large scale business cooperation with giant enterprises, innovative enterprises and universities, provided customized courses for managers, technical backbones and employees based on the evaluation system for the goal of capacity building. Jikexueyuan hopes to introduce the advanced teaching experience to Asian and African developing countries and promote common development through cooperation with ICHEI.

Li Ming, director of ICHEI, highly recognized Jikexueyuan. He believed that Jikexueyuan came into being in the context of ICT. By transforming IT technology into products, it broke the original industrial standard structure, and cultivated the practical ability of talents by digitizing, and turned learning into individualization level. A set of curriculum resources and tools independently developed by Jikexueyuan will be used widely, resulting in rapid progress. ICHEI and Jikexueyuan should make progress together, constantly use the latest technology, and carry out in-depth cooperation in higher education.

ICHEI and Jikexueyuan reached a number of cooperation consensus. The most important thing is to introduce quantitative indicators for IIOE project, which has a positive impact on teaching guidance, evaluation results, optimization projects and other aspects, and to take a new step in building innovation education model of ICT capacity for teachers.