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ICHEI and Codemao Reached Cooperation Agreement to Build a New Education Ecosystem

November 16, 2019
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On November 15, ICHEI and Shenzhen Dianmao Technology Co., Ltd. (Codemao) signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in programming education resources, and jointly improve the application level of educational informatization in Asian and African developing countries to promote education equity.

During the meeting, Director Li Ming highly recognized the online programming education platform, programming tools and dynamic online community independently developed by Codemao, and further expressed his hope to make use of the core advantages of Codemao in programming education, especially the advanced experience in artificial intelligence field, combined with the IIOE project, continues to promote the optimization and upgrading of digital link project in 12 developing countries in Asia and Africa.

Li Tianchi, co-founder and CEO of Codemao, said Codemao cooperates with ICHEI and talents, top universities in academic community to solve the issue that lack of appropriate tools, content and teachers in programming education in the world. Through this cooperation, Codemao can bring their good products to the world, serve the “One Belt One Road” countries and regions, bring back the outstanding research achievements abroad, and establish the achievement of artificial intelligence education worldwide.

Signing Photo

According to the agreement, ICHEI will join hands with Codemao to introduce the turtle editor in partner universities as a teaching aid. In terms of course content, Codemao will select python courses, provide relevant products, technical training to build new education ecosystem with ICHEI in universities of Asian and African developing countries.

Signing Ceremony

Under the background of “artificial intelligence + education” trend, the cooperation between Codemao and ICHEI will enable both sides to effectively play their respective professional and technical advantages in the field of higher education innovation, leverage ICT to promote the innovation and development of higher education in developing countries, and make efforts and contributions to achieve Education 2030.