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Focus on AI Education, ICHEI and UBTECH Reached Strategic Cooperation

October 30, 2019
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On October 29, 2019, ICHEI signed strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhen UBTECH Co., Ltd. Li Ming, the director of ICHEI and Zhong Yong, senior vice president of UBTECH, attended the meeting and discussed on smart classroom project, integration of education and production, online course resources and AI talent development, etc.

Signing Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Director Li Ming said that ICHEI will cooperate with UBTECH in distance learning. The corresponding teaching materials of robots and artificial intelligence from primary to advanced level provided by UBTECH are of great value in learning and practice, and are effective in industrial talents training. Using robots for deep-learning and cultivating teachers in higher education institutions will help developing countries catch up with the international frontier. This initiative has been strongly recognized by UNESCO and meets the needs of developing countries. UBTECH is the first enterprise that ICHEI cooperates with in the field of robotics.

Vice President of UBETCH Zhong Yong also expressed his willingness to cooperate with ICHEI. UBTECH provides end-to-end solutions for education, cultivates artificial intelligence talents and promote the integration of education and production. At present, UBTECH serves more than 2000 primary and secondary schools in China, and also provides robots like Yanshee and Walker to support higher education and research. UBTECH is confident to work hand in hand with ICHEI, with the goal of linking the real world, promoting the cooperation between enterprises and universities, helping students to enter enterprises and bringing robots into every home.

The two sides attached great importance to the signing ceremony. Senior vice president Zhong Yong, general manager of University solution Department Qi Jianwei, education product manager Cui Ning, sales manager Hao Jianying, business development manager Meng Xiangbin, sales manager Shi Lei, senior PR manager Chi Dehua, education sales Xie Lu, business support Zhang Tong, marketing assistant Tang qianyun and all members of ICHEI participated in the meeting. It marks the advanced technology and experience in the field of artificial intelligence will be shared to developing countries in Asia and Africa, which will bring new challenges and opportunities to these countries.

UBTECH Co., Ltd. is a leading artificial intelligence and service robot enterprise in the world. It has launched intelligent robots for education, entertainment, family, business and security. The company also has built a robot ecosystem of “hardware + software + service + content”.