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ICHEI visited Uganda to attend “China-Africa Vocational Education Seminar 2019”

July 12, 2019
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Sponsored by the Ministry Of Education and Sports of Uganda, supported by China Center for International People-to-People Exchange under the auspices of the Ministry of Education of China, and jointly supported by the Center for African Studies of Peking University, the International Centre for Higher Education Innovation (hereinafter referred to as “ICHEI”), and the Vocational Education International Cooperation Contact Conference, “China-Africa Vocational Education Academic Exchange Seminar 2019” was held in the Sunmaker Oil & Gas Training Institute in Kampala, Uganda from July 4-7. More than 150 representatives from African education authorities, vocational colleges, Chinese vocational institutes participated in the seminar, strengthened cooperation and achieved common development within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative and China-Africa Cooperation.

ICHEI attended “2019 China-Africa Vocational Education Seminar”

Prof. Zhao Jianhua, senior advisor of ICHEI participated in the conference as representative of the co-organizer, and delivered a keynote speech entitled “Innovation in Teaching and Learning of Vocational and Technical Education”, which obtained positive concern and responses from other participates, and received collective willingness in promoting collaboration with ICHEI.

Prof. Zhao delieverd keynote speech

This seminar was highly supported by the Chinese and Ukrainian governments, since it was the time after Ugandan President’s visit to China signing Sino-Ukrainian cooperation agreements. Ugandan government regards it as an opportunity for implementing Sino-Ukrainian cooperation, attended delegates also have high specifications and wide coverage in the field of vocational education. This was a successful attempt for China to demonstrate its strength in vocational education, promote influence for Belt and Road Initiative, and implement the China-Africa cooperation strategies.

Kampala Initiative was adopted during the seminar, which advocated the establishment of the China-Africa Vocational Education Community. Consensus was reached in the growth and development of young talents in China and Africa, the cooperation of colleges and universities, the integration of production and education, the development of teaching materials and teaching resources, the construction of institutions’ international exchanges. Discussions were held on the formation of the preparatory committee for the China-Africa Vocational Education Cooperation Alliance, ICHEI as one of the initiators of the alliance, will further expand cooperation with higher vocational education to promote the effective implementation of IIOE project.

Professor Zhao Jianhua then paid a visit to the partner university Mark Rayleigh University and had a cordial exchange with President Barnabas Nawangwe. Professor Zhao Jianhua briefed President Nawangwe on the achievements of the Southern University of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as “SUSTech”), in the past year, the progress ICHEI projects in Africa, emphasized the Smart Class II implementation problems that needs to solve, and introduced the upcoming IIOE and training projects. President Nawangwe thanked SUSTech and ICHEI for their help and support to Mark Rayleigh University, he will continue to strengthen cooperation with the Innovation Center and actively participate in the related projects of ICHEI.

Prof. Zhao and President Nawangwe

In response to ICHEI’s Smart Classroom Project, Professor Zhao Jianhua visited School of Computer Science that undertook the project, and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with Associate Dean Gilber Maiga and colleagues from relevant departments. Teachers and students were fully expect the future trainings and researches being made in the smart classroom. The smart classroom space has been upgraded and it is now ready for the installation of the equipment.

Prof. Zhao with Dean Gilberand and colleagues