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2018 Seminars on ICT Application in Higher Education Inaugurated

June 21, 2018
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On June 20, 2018, the opening ceremony of “Seminar on ICT Application in Higher Education for Asian and European Countries 2018” and the “Seminar on ICT Application in Higher Education for African Countries 2018” were held in SUSTech. The Seminars are sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC, organized by Shenzhen Association for Promoting International Economic & Technological Cooperation (APIETC), and co-organized by Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). LI Danmei, Deputy Director of Economy, Trade and Information Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, TANG Tao, Vice President of SUSTech and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, FAN Xiangdong, Vice President of APIETC, and LI Ming, Director of Centre for Higher Education Research (CHER) of SUSTech attended this ceremony.

Deputy Director LI Danmei delivered a welcome speech
Prof. TANG Tao, Vice President of SUSTech and Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Prof. LI Ming, Director of CHER of SUSTech

Participants of the Seminars come from 9 Asian and European countries, including Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Lithuania, and 11 African countries including South Africa, Uganda, Sierra Leone, etc. The total number of foreign participants in two seminars is close to 80, covering officials from ministries of education , researchers and faculties from universities, and the professionals engaged in information technology development.

In order to assist these countries to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 4 on Quality Education, Education 2030 Framework for Action and their national education vision, the Seminars aim at capacity building for government officials and university leaders and staff in terms of using ICT for educational goals. During the 21days in Shenzhen, the Seminars will focus on ICT application in higher education. Specialized lectures, exchange activities and field visits will be held, to introduce the achievements of China’s higher education reform, and present the latest development of ICT in Chinese universities. Participants will visit the local IT giants such as HUAWEI, Tencent and ICT-enabled higher education institutions such as Shenzhen University, and SUSTech etc.

Group Photo

Under the framework of foreign aid of the Ministry of Commerce, the Seminars are Shenzhen’s another effort to hold similar activities for developing countries in Asia, Europe and Africa, after successfully holding similar seminars in 2017. The Seminars will help participants to understand and draw lessons from the development experience and successful practice of China in the construction of higher education information, and the application of information technology in higher education, to improve their own capability. It will also highlight the development of Shenzhen enterprises in the field of information technology in higher education, promote universities and enterprises of Shenzhen in foreign countries, and accelerate the process of internationalization of Shenzhen.