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ICHEI visited USI Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited

May 21, 2018
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ICHEI visited USI Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited, led by Professor LI Ming, director of ICHEI on May 15th 2018. Dr ZHAO Ke (director assistant of ICHEI), JIN Dexin (chairman of USI), WANG Baowei (president of USI), etc. participated. After discussion between ICHEI and USI, staff of USI made introductions and presented multiple products for ICHEI. USI will provide hardware support for Smart Classroom Project conducted in three Asian and three African countries (Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Egypt, Ethiopia and Djibouti) along the Maritime Silk Road by ICHEI.

Content of cooperation on the Smart Classroom Project has been discussed between ICHEI and USI, including date arrangements, decoration, equipment connection, operator training, test run, etc.

Delegates from ICHEI and USI

USI focused on application of Internet, information service operation, and research, development and sales of products including intelligent terminal products, touch technology products, audio/video recording and broadcasting products, teaching software, cloud platform, micro-campus, etc. in education for many years. USI is a professional provider of integrated solution for smart education, and is a leading enterprise in field of Chinese educational information service. USI is a subsidiary corporation of Weidong Cloud Education Group which is strategic partner of ICHEI.