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ICHEI to Build Cooperation with Shenzhen Energy Group

April 17, 2018
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On 16 April, 2018, ICHEI delegation led by Director Prof. LI Ming, visited China Shenzhen Energy Group Co., Ltd (Shenzhen Energy), Mr. XIONG Peijin, Chairman and Party Secretary, Mr. LI Yingfeng, Vice Chairman attended the exchange activity. Both sides would like to build cooperation in African and Papua New Guinea projects.

Meeting with Shenzhen Energy Group

Mr. XU Tongbiao, General Manager of Strategic Planning Department, introduced the overall situation and overseas projects of Shenzhen Energy. Shenzhen Energy collaborated with China-Africa Development Fund Co., Ltd to build the Sunon Asogli Power (Ghana) Co., Ltd. in 2007. It is the action to confirm the Chinese “Reaching-out” strategy by investing and expanding overseas, and is the first overseas programme of Shenzhen Energy. In the future, Shenzhen Energy will expand programmes in other African countries based on Ghana as a strategic fulcrum. Shenzhen Energy also will invest project in Papua New Guinea. Mr XU said that the landing of the project needs a lot of support from local talents, but there are scarce talents in the local high-end energy sector. Mr. XIONG said that Shenzhen Energy will explore cooperation in cultivating local talents.