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Shenzhen Creation Group Visited ICHEI

April 10, 2018
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On April 8, 2018, Mr. LU Lihang, CEO of Shenzhen Creation Group, and Mr. LIANG Rui, President of Shenzhen Creation Group, visited ICHEI in Shenzhen. ICHEI Director Professor LI Ming met with the guests.

Mr. LU Lihang said, Creation has been dedicated to promoting business links in Africa and Central and Eastern Europe, which gives rise to huge demand in localized training and education of overseas talents. Therefore, Mr. LU hoped that Creation and ICHEI could establish cooperation in educating and training talents in the fields of jewelry production and appraisal in countries along the Belt and Road Initiative. In addition, both sides explored the possibilities to combine pan-jewelry industries with intangible cultural heritage by making use of UNESCO platforms.

Shenzhen Creation Group visited ICHEI

Established in 2000, Shenzhen Creation Group is a leading pan-jewelry service platform dedicated to promote the development and transformation of China’s pan-jewelry industries.