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ICHEI Visited Smart Policing Centre of Longgang Public Security Bureau

March 28, 2018
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In the afternoon on March 26, 2018, ICHEI Director Professor LI Ming led all staff members to visit the Smart Policing Exhibition Centre of Longgang Public Security Bureau (Longgang PSB).


Mr. XI Wei, chief of the Division of Video Investigation, introduced the development of smart policing of Longgang PSB. In cooperation with Huawei, Longgang PSB established the first cloud data centre among all public security bureaus in Shenzhen. With massive data analysis and quick retrieval capabilities provided by Huawei big data platform, Longgang PSB has achieved the real-time retrieval and analysis of data and information such as human faces, license plates and Wi-Fi, which is conducive to improving efficiency of case handling and safeguarding people’s welfare. Since the inception of smart policing, the criminal and public security incidents have dropped sharply.

This visit has provided new ideas for ICHEI in promoting ICT application in higher education in the future.