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Shenzhen Institute of Smart City & Big Data Visited ICHEI

March 23, 2018
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On March 21, 2018, Professor CHEN Dongping, President of Shenzhen Institute of Smart City & Big Data, visited ICHEI in Shenzhen. Professor LI Ming, Director of ICHEI, and all staff members participated in the meeting.

First of all, Prof. CHEN delivered a report on the application of big data in the construction of smart city. By illustrating on practical cases like how big data facilitates government decision-making and how data sharing improves work efficiency, Prof. CHEN elaborated on the significance of information technologies such as big data in advancing smart city management and diversified social management. Prof. CHEN and Prof. LI also discussed potential cooperation between the two sides on using big data to promote ICT application in higher education.

Group Photo

Shenzhen Institute of Smart City & Big Data is a not-for-profit research think-tank on big data, established under the guidance of Shenzhen Municipal Government. The Institute is dedicated to, by integrating big data resources from the government and society, providing consultancy services and technical support to the construction of new-type smart city, the improvement of government management, and the innovation and entrepreneurship across the society.