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Experts from Shenzhen Polytechnic Visited ICHEI

March 21, 2018
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On March 19th, 2018, Dr. SHI Qiang, Vice Dean of the School of Management, Dr. XIANG Jiying, Director for Professional Development of the School of Management, and Prof. YANG Wenming from UNEVOC Centre, of Shenzhen Polytechnic visited ICHEI and shared their professional experiences on hosting training seminars and programmes. ICHEI Director Prof. LI Ming and all staff members participated in the meeting.

Meeting with experts from Shenzhen Polytechnic

Vice Dean SHI and Dr. XIANG introduced some commonly encountered problems when hosting training seminars and programmes and the lessons they drew from past experiences. Every detail, from the designing of professional courses and cultural courses to the logistics arrangement such as living, travelling and accommodation, needs to be considered, and meticulous arrangement is key. At the same time, they emphasized the importance of publicity in order to enhance the technical and people-to-people exchanges between Shenzhen and countries around the world and make Shenzhen more well-known to the international community.

Group Photo