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2017 Seminar on ICT in Higher Education Innovation for African Countries 2017 Closes

August 27, 2017
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On August 27 2017,  the Foreign Aid Training Program of the Ministry of Commerce -“Seminar on ICT in Higher Education Innovation for African Countries 2017” which was held at SUSTech came to an end.

Group Photo

Fan Xiangdong, Vice President from Shenzhen Association for Promoting International Economic & Technological Cooperation Li Fengliang, Vice-Chairperson from SUSTech Council, Li Ming, Director of Higher Education Research Center and Wu Lintuo, Director of Huawei’s Global Education Cooperation Program attended the closing ceremony and delivered speeches. In total, 29 participants from 7 African countries participated in the event, including Ethiopia, Egypt, Djibouti, Ghana, Malawi, Cameroon and Botswana.

On behalf of Shenzhen Association for Promoting International Economic & Technological Cooperation, Mr. Fan gave a speech in which he congratulated the participants on the successful completion of the seminar and expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the support provided by SUSTech and the well-designed courses and activities arranged by the Higher Education Research Center. The training saw participants pay field trips to visit major Chinese companies in the cities of Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Fan concluded by saying that he hoped the seminar will help to promote the use of ICT in higher education in Africa, and also that these events help to develop stronger ties between African countries and China.

Mr. Li Fengliang then took to the stage to congratulate the participants on their completion of the training seminar and thanked the Shenzhen Association for Promoting International Economic & Technological Cooperation(or short as APIETC)  for their support. He pointed out that the trainees were in a completely new and foreign cultural environment here at SUSTech, and hoped that they will be able to bring back the innovation culture and spirit of Shenzhen to their countries, and said he was looking forward to future cooperation with them in the field of higher education.

Mr. Li Ming then gave a speech in which he said he was looking forward to the establishment of more cooperation and exchanges between universities and institutions in Africa, and hoped that the experience of the seminar will be taken back there and put to good use.

Mr. Wu Lintuo followed to say that Huawei was very honored to provide instructors and opportunities for field visits for the seminar training. He underlined once more the importance of information technology innovation in higher education and said he looked forward to more cooperation with African countries in higher education and information and communication technology.

The participants were then invited on stage to share their thoughts on the seminar. They expressed their gratitude to the organizers and spoke highly of the curriculum that they had followed. They went on to say that the seminar had been a valuable exchange for their countries with China in the field of information technology in higher education.

The seminar took place over 21 days and was sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of China. It was organized  by Shenzhen Association for Promoting International Economic & Technological Cooperation  and the Higher Education Research Center of SUSTech. The seminar showcases the theoretical and technical achievements of China’s information and communication technology in the field of higher education, and helps participants to understand and draw lessons from China’s experience and strength in the field of ICT in higher education which can then be implemented in their countries.