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ICHEI and Weidong Cloud Education Group signed an MOU

March 30, 2017
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On March 29th 2017, the delegation from Weidong Cloud Education Group, including the President, Mr. WANG Duanrui was invited to visit ICHEI. Both parties signed an agreement to collaborate on the research projects carried out by ICHEI in Asian and African developing countries, which intends to promote the application of ICTs in abovementioned regions.

Signing the MOU

Both parties have agreed to work closely based on the MOU in the following areas: 1) Weidong Cloud Education Group will offer resources and technical support to help implement ICHEI’s training workshops in Asia and Africa while ICHEI will establish links with other educational entities to ensure the promotion of Weidong Cloud Education Group’s education platform; 2) both parties will jointly set up “Smart Classroom” in the top-notched universities in the targeted regions to train local teaching staff; 3) Weidong Cloud Education Group will finance ICHEI’s research project on the standardization of online higher education, which will eventually be a multilateral project with IITE of UNESCO; and 4) both parties agree to share resources to explore cultivation of digital talents and new modes of digital management.

Weidong Cloud Education Group was established in Qingdao, China in 2012. It has joined hands with UNESCO to build an international digital education resource-sharing platform, which is currently present in 12 different countries around the globe. It also has set up research and development divisions in cities like Beijing (China), Paris (France), London (UK), and Lausanne (Switzerland), as well as an international online education research institute. It has a large educational cloud data center, international cloud Industrial Park and educational resources of wide coverage, dedicating to the development of basic, vocational and higher education. Weidong Cloud Education Group aims to narrow the education gap among countries and regions through strategic and active engagement in collaboration at local, regional and international levels, which delivers plentiful and high-quality education resources to achieve the mission of building and sharing education resources worldwide.

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The collaboration of both parties has built a solid foundation to facilitate ICHEI’s projects in Asia and Africa, to promote the in-depth exchange in the area of ICTs in online education and higher education, to support the expansion of higher education in developing countries, as well as to enhance education quality and promote education equity.