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International Expert in Emerging Learning Technologies gives a Lecture Introducing the Technological Revolution in Education

June 11, 2015
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On June 10, 2015, Curtis J.Bonk, an internationally renowned expert in the field of emerging learning technologies and Professor at the Department of Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University accepted an offer to come to SUSTech and give a lecture. Curtis J. Bonk introduced the huge changes happening to educational methods and learning behaviors due to the rapid development of educational technology. University Council Chairman, LI Ming, Vice President WU Chuanyue, HAN Wei, the Deputy Director of the Preparation Office, and hundreds of SUSTech teachers and students were in attendance. The event was hosted by the Vice-President WU Chuanyue.

As a pioneer of open learning, Professor Bonk has published more than 300 papers on the topics of online and blended learning, MOOCs, collaborative technology, and synchronous and asynchronous computer conference, and has conducted about 1,400 speeches and forums about online teaching and learning worldwide. Additionally, Curtis J.Bonk has been listed in Who’s Who in the area of educational technology, and has received the CyberStar Award from the Indiana Information Technology Association, the Most Outstanding Achievement Award from the U.S. Distance Learning Association, and the Most Innovative Teaching in a Distance Education Program Award from the State of Indiana. The title of the lecture at SUSTech was, “Learning Is Changing: MOOCs, the Open World and Beyond.”

According to Professor Bonk, in the era of the internet, learning has been completely changed and anyone can learn anywhere at any time from nearly anyone. Open education has driven big changes to learning methods, including: more mobile learning, more frequent use of videos and games, more collaborative learning, more explorations, more direct need of experts, more informality, autonomous learners, more hands-on learning, personalized learning, more dependence on learning communities, universality of online learning, ubiquitous learning, free access, globalization of learning, and the popularization of learning. In the lecture, Professor Bonk also introduced the way to accelerate and support online learning and online teaching based on his own research on open learning.

Site Demonstration by Professor Curtis J.Bonk

Li Ming, the Chairman of University Council made a speech after Professor Bonk’s report. He expressed that the report was very inspiring and that SUSTech aimed at changing traditional educational methods and course structure through educational informatization and network platform. In the future, SUSTech will actively develop online education, making it part of the mainstream curriculum system and a determining factor of credit in order to further promote curriculum construction and improve teaching quality. In addition, he said our school will take measures to create conditions for MOOCs, and encourage professors to develop MOOC resources in order to form excellent MOOC curriculum systems. SUSTech will also build an open learning resources platform to integrate overseas and domestic high-quality online learning resources with the help of the information technology industries of Shenzhen and share it with the world. At last, LI Ming expressed his hope that the students and teachers could all join in the promotion of educational reform of SUSTech.

The interactive session enjoyed a warm atmosphere, and teachers and students were all eager to ask questions. Prior to the report, LI Ming and Professor Bonk had a cordial talk with each other and exchanged views about online learning, blended learning, systematic education reform, and incentive mechanism.

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